Things That Should Be Adapted Into Musicals


The past few years have seen material, writers, and composers on Broadway that I'm sure some people never expected to grace the stage. President Obama himself was skeptical over the idea of a musical based on Alexander Hamilton. You never know what the outcome of an out of the box idea is going to be. With that in mind, here are some out of the box ideas of my own that i think have potential.

The Bible

This is a given. I mean, have you ever read ANYTHING more dramatic and overzealous? And yes, I mean the entire book.


Fifty Shades of Grey Series

A three part musical. You're welcome, Broadway.


The Game "Uno"

What would start off in workshops a beautiful and interesting dialogue/critique on the American use of the Spanish language as a commodity to be used and sold for profit would wind up being a show about a white, 4 to 5 person family that has game night every Friday. One night someone skips. Drama ensues. One character definitely as a non-specific mental illness that is miraculously cured by the end without the use of medication or therapy. Wins every award, including an inexplicable MTV Video Music Award.


Iggy Azalea's Career

Because at this point, why not?


The Secret Life of Pets

It's actually not a musical. They just bring dogs and cats to any theatre that doesn't have a show in it and people pay to come play with them. Deservingly wins a Special Tony Award.


A semi-autobiographical show written by Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak about their friendship

Okay this one could genuinely be really good. How do I copyright this?


Mariah Carey's song "Emotions"

It's basically the same plot as the Pixar film Inside Out, but it uses Mariah Carey music.


Dolly Parton's life

Because Dolly is an angel and they can riff off the success of Hello, Dolly!

Patrick Howard